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Jansky Noise AKA Andy MacGregor, has been instrumental in the exploration of experimental musics and Multi-Media since 1996. Forging a new sound from the carcass of Techno in Manchester, participating in the Rave scene, and taking over IBC radio, in the seat of Autechre as IDM emerged, rave sank, and the internet was born.   Being inspired by electronica and new media platforms, and the birth of Laptops, Macgregor was at the forefront of files swapping P2P, hacking, sharing, and uploading.  As the record industry struggled, to re arrange it´s self, Macgregor engaged and submerged its listener into extreme places with noise, power electronics and industrial fold, DJ sets. Splicing audio bizarre from every part of the injecting lost sounds into mould, new forms buthcherd and re-hacked audio shapes. Many experiments came out on the co-created Manchester based V/Vm Test Records. 

Numerous experimental audio releases, including VVm Sick Love, and Alien Porno Midgets. His audio works and installations formed part of an exhibition at the Casa de Encendida Madrid, Ruidos y Silencios. Macgregor.   As well as his work with V/Vm he has released numerous recordings, collaborations with other artists in the experimental noise, drone, glitch, electronica domain include work with DJ Speedranch, Matt Wand Stock Hausen and Walkman, Rank Sinatra, Animal, Napalm Death, Isis, Vikki Bennet, Venetian Snare, Cock ESP, Christian Marclay, occured, intensely between 1996 and 2004. Macgregor has various names. Also known as Animal, Animal Macgregor,  Butch Stolen, Screaming Macgregor he has performed in Groups such as the Alien Porno Midgets, Speedranch^Jansky Noise, V/Vm, and many variations of Jansky.

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