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Bobby McFerrin on Sesame Street

7:00 AM

I am not in Birdland today, but birds are always close to my heart. I have had plenty of the outdoors this weekend, and a special friend has been move from Glasgow. Time to reflect, Sunday with the great Bobby McFerrin and the birds from the Street.

David Sylvian - New Moon at Red Deer Wallow

5:38 AM

My friend Daniel just sent me a song he is working on, that reminded me of this. It's been a long time since I played this one, but it's a firm favorite.   As is the album Imaginary Landscapes from the Virgin Ambient series. Something, we delved right into about 20 years ago.

Fats Domino The Fat Man

12:52 PM

Fats Domino passed away this week, it's one of those things where you think, wow, was he still with us. As you always thin of Fats as a man from another time.

Fats Domino sold a greater number of records than anyone except Elvis Presley. He was a star, hailed far and wide. However, he felt like a very normal kid. .

Right when Domino grew up in New Orleans.  His father began from a sugarcane home upriver. By 1960 the range was stacked with modest, single-family houses. Domino moved into a front line split-level home. He wasn't there to make a joke of his old friends, be that as it may. He was giving them a place to hang out and drink ale while he invited them to lunch.

After a short time, Domino was in J&M Studio on Rampart Street, recording "The Fat Man." He thought of it as a standard musicality and blues song—he just made up new verses to "Junker Blues," an old tune recorded by another New Orleans piano man, Champion Jack Dupree. Regardless, Domino's beating left hand pointed another way ahead. After a short time, with Bartholomew's bearing and a staggering enduring mood from drummer Earl Palmer, Domino cut a progression of hits that would help portray the sound of shake 'n' roll.

What took after changed unmistakable music everlastingly, a fundamental story well told in Rick Coleman's history Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of Rock 'n' Roll. Domino's music navigated to white social affairs of individuals and transformed into a touchstone for adolescents from Detroit to Liverpool.

Domino spent a critical piece of the '50s and '60s out on the town, squeezing events all over.

While Domino is for the most part cherished in where he grew up, the Birthplace of Jazz hasn't endeavored to recognize him as a true legend. The J&M Studio building—where Little Richard and others also cut crucial records—now bears a plaque.  Fat was a graceful  piano player from New Orleans. Maybe now the city he valued can compliment him more transparently.

Rest in peace fats.

The Blue Nile - Tinseltown In The Rain (1984)

6:40 AM

This week it rained for the first time in Madrid, since a long time, we really needed it, it felt like the end of the longest summer ever. The rain comes and helps clean, it helps wash away recent events. Caught up in this big river.

I love the lyrics in this song.

Do I love you? Yes, I LOVE you, but it's easy come and easy go. All this talking is only bravado yeah
Oh, Tinseltown, Tinseltown in the rain, Oh men and women.

Many memories locked in this one.The Blue Nile, so good, never forgotten, and even better in the rain.

Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up (ft. Kate Bush)

6:01 PM

It is so easy to forget the importance of Kate and Peter, especially if your not from the UK, if you grew up in the UK during the 80's and 90's then you know only too well we were blessed to have this music and much more given to us, via all outlets at the time. It is easy to take this for granted, but time will show this was something else, and a majestic and pure moment. As Peter and Kate state, in your lowest moment - when you hit the bottom,  don't give up, Kate's voice will lift you, her voice directs the message into your heart and soul.  If your not able to see this now, I recommend you do some living and come back in 10 years.


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