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Albion - Pyramids

3:09 PM

You got me burning like fire. Let´s go to Egypt and do it on the pyramid, let´s goto Egypt and do, do do it on the pyramid.

Great work out here. Transporting us to a place. You got me yearning for your body, as greedy as a Crocodile.

Ffiper - Mechti

2:24 AM
I am loving the fact I have no idea what Ffiper are saying here, it´s all just underwater, reversed and delightfully lost.

Catchy tune for sure, bass line works, as does all the composition. Check their Control.

Beck - Wow (Lyric Video)

3:04 AM

Goto Give it to my Man like Beck, he has always had the skills to knock out a catch tune, and once again he rides like cowboy into the cherrypop sunset on this poptastic little ditty. WOW!!


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